Soaking is one of the culprits to nail-polish chipping and peeling. Soaking your nails actually "bloats" the nail, causing it to soften and expand. So, when  you then polish, they eventually shrink back down along with the polish. This causes the adhesion of the polish to be compromised. Eliminating    soaking  alleviates these problems.

    Gel Manicure  $40.00         Mens Manicure (no polish) $25.00            
  Classic Manicure  $30.00         Nail repair -  starting price$5.00  
  Polish Change  $10.00         French polish  $5.00  
  Gel Polish Change $15.00      
  Removal of Gel  $10.00      






      The waterless, or “dry,” pedicure has emerged as an answer to the widespread problems surrounding unsanitary foot services. You’re less likely to get fungus since there’s no still water left in the jets, as in a typical jetted  pedicure chair and new towels for every client. It’s an excellent service for clients with certain medical conditions (like diabetes) where foot soaking isn’t recommended. Polish lasts longer when styled over drier nails. By  eliminating the water a more efficient pedicure is created, that’s much safer for clients and better for our environment.

   Spa Pedicure $55.00  Polish Change $10.00  
    Ultimate Spa Pedicure $65.00  Gel Polish Change $15.00     
   Feet & Leg Steam Session $20.00  Mens Pedicure (no polish) $50.00