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Medical Services


  womans face We offer the latest in non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Safe, non-invasive, affordable treatments that help build self confidence including Laser treatments, Injectables, Microdermabraion, Physician Assisted Weight Loss and Lypossage. Invest in your future! Look your best & do your best! Get the edge you need over other job applicants on this economy!! Click on any of the categories below for more information.

All Medical Treatments involve a skin analysis per specific treatment and medical history.

Physician consultation fee $35.00
Nurse/Aesthetician consultation fee $25.00

  oxygeneo facials header    

The Secret Of The Celebrities Is Here!

  oxygeneo facials machine   OxyGeneo 3 in 1 treatment: Exfoliation while Oxygenating and Infusing nutrient rich products into the skin. OxyGeneo's unique Capsugen is combined with our exclusive gels that contain natural active ingredients. The effect is created when the Capsugen and nutrient rich gel come in contact with each other on the skins surface. The reaction between the Capsugen and the gel generates CO2. This CO2 rich environment induces a physiological response called the BOHR EFFECT leading to increased tissue oxygen along with: increased blood flow, presence of CO2 rich blood in the area and elevated skin cell metabolism. OxyGeneo produces countless minute CO2 bubbles, which gently burst onto the skins surface. The OxyGeneo applicator is designed to degas the CO2 bubbles from the gel and infuse them into the epidermis. As a result the skin texture is more refined and nourished, overall complexion is smooth and bright while at the same time balanced and glowing.  

OxyGeneo offers 2 types of treatments:

  *NeoRevive- skin rejuvenation *NeoBright - skin lightening  
  4-6 weekly sessions recommended including NeoRevive and NeoMassage.
(1) Session 55 minutes $150
Package of (4) $500
4-6 weekly sessions recommended including NeoBright and NeoMassage.
(1) Session 55 minutes $150
Package of (4) $500
  *Recommended to be followed by monthly touch up sessions.  

GeneO + Ultrasound Treatment

  The process is safe for all skin types, painless and gentle and can be used on sensitive skin conditions. 
The ultrasound treatment is an optional add on to the OxyGeneo Facial.
25 minutes $49

Ultrasound is commonly used by skincare specialists to:

  • Improve absorption of active ingredients found in skincare products
  • Gently warm the skin tissue for better cellular metabolism and increased circulation
  • Improve moisture retention
  • Tighten enlarged pores
  • Relieve puffiness around the eyes
  • Smooth complexion
    voluderm header  

Reduce The Signs Of Aging & Regenerate The Skin.

  voluderm   VoluDerm is a cutting-edge technology that has been clinically proven to reduce the signs of aging and regenerate the skin. During treatment fine micro-needles use radio-frequency to penetrate the skin's dermal layer. The micro-needles then stimulate the body to naturally produce hyaluronic acid, new collagen and elastin. The result is significant with long-term dermal volumizing, wrinkle reduction and skin resurfacing. VoluDerm technology is effective on all skin types and treatment is minimally-invasive, fast, and comfortable with minimal discomfort. Suitable for all skin types.  
  Indicated for:
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Improved appearance of acne scars
  • Firmed skin
  • Skin tightening
  • Dermal Volumizing
  • Epidermal and dermal rejuvenation
  • Facial contouring
  • Pore texture improvement
  • Naso-labial fold (laugh lines) and skin texture improvement
Recommended number of treatments = 4-5 spaced 2 weeks apart.
Monthly maintenance treatments recommended.

VoluDerm Pricing

Combo Pricing

  Full Face $399 per treatment.
Face, Neck and Chest $599 per treatment.
Small area $249 per treatment.
 Voluderm & TriPollar RF Combo
- Face $549 per treatment.
    tripollar header  

The Worlds Most Advanced RF Technology.

     TriPollar is the world’s most advanced RF technology. RF energy generates focused electro-heating of skin tissue causing a structural change of the collagen resulting in an immediate clinical effect of skin tightening. Through TriPollar RF Heating Technology collagen fibers contract and tighten in the treated area. This process produces fibroblasts that in turn produce new collagen, which tighten the skin leading to immediate and long term results. Fine lines and wrinkles are smoother and less noticeable. The TriPollar RF current heats the skin tissue deep from within while protecting the epidermis. It is a non-evasive, very comfortable treatment!
Suitable for all skin types.
  Indicated for:
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Facial skin tightening
  • Jaw line and neck tightening
  • Acne scar appearance reduction
tripollar before after  

TriPollar Pricing

  4-6 weekly treatments recommended.
Monthly maintenance treatments recommended.
  Face- $175
Neck $150
Naso-labial folds or small area $125
trilipo header

Triple action fat reduction

     The triple action of TriLipo technology consists of RF deep volumetric heating combined with internal muscle contraction and external mechanical force, which together yield maximum fat removal and lymphatic drainage as well as skin tightening. The TriLipo triple action effect is visible from the first treatment. Long term body shaping is achieved in a minimal number of treatments.
TriLipo treatments smooth, contour, tone, and lift the targeted areas, offering a non-surgical alternative for effective cellulite and circumferential reduction. When applying Tri-Lipo energy to fat cells, the fat cells resistance increases the heating effect. This selective heating of the fat cells accelerates their natural metabolism, causing the cells to shrink via the release of fatty acids, (liquid fat) which are disposed of naturally via the blood and lymph systems. TriLipo energy heats the skin from within using medically proven RF energy. The internal heat causes collagen fibers, which are the key structural components of the skin, to contract. This contraction results in immediate cellulite reduction. Simultaneously, the heating causes fibroblast cells, the cells responsible for collagen production, to generate new collagen. The new collagen provides the skin with added flexibility, which yields long term cellulite reduction. Suitable for all skin types. Indicated for: 
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Sculpting the body and reducing unwanted fat deposits
  • Skin tightening
  • Improve the appearance of stretch marks
  • No downtime
  • Pleasant non-surgical treatment
trilipo before after  

TriLipo Pricing

  4-6 weekly treatments recommended.
Monthly maintenance treatments recommended.
  Large area- $249 per treatment.
Medium area- $199 per treatment.
Small area- $149 per treatment.



dermaglow logoRecommended for the reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots, age spots,
acne & acne scarring, enlarged pores and excess oil.
  Microdermabrasion (often referred to as microderm) is a non-surgical medical procedure that can be used on all skin types. This treatment works by removing the outermost surface of the skin and allowing fresh skin cells to be exposed stimulating the production of collagen while revealing a healthy, younger looking skin.
Time: 30 Minutes
  •  Works quickly
  • Painless
  • Rejuvenates sun damaged skin
  • Eases age spots and acne scars
  •  Improves the look of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Helps makeup look smoother
  • Shrinks pores
   1 Microdermabrasion Treatment $100.00      5 Microdermabrasion Package $400.00

   *Microdermabrasion is commonly performed in conjunction with facial spa treatments, making it a
beneficial add-on to just about any facial treatment.


latisse logo  latisse results   
Want longer, fuller, thicker eyelashes? Grow them with Latisse!
The first and only FDA approved prescription to grow eyelashes! Schedule an appointment with one of our Medical Professionalsand see if Latisse is right for you.
Great eyelashes don't just happen overnight.
That's why it's important to note that LATISSE®
(bimatoprost ophthalmic solution) 0.03% works gradually and remarkably — with full results after 12 to 16 weeks.

Once you begin treatment, you must continue applying the topical solution each night and follow the directions for best results. Remember results are gradual over time. Your eyelashes will experience real measurable growth. LATISSE® works from the inside out.
1 Month Supply $125.00 
*Consultation required for first time users.

 lightwhiteningcloseupTeeth Whitening Secret Serenity can make you smile with confidence. Whether you have a big job interview, graduation, wedding, or event coming up – or if you just want to look your best while out running errands – having shiny, white teeth will restore your confidence by letting the world see your beautiful smile.

presSmile Premium Teeth Whitening System uses the most advanced and innovative technology and materials to whiten your teeth safely, quickly, and with maximum results.

Our special, gentle whitening gel contains active ingredients that remove not only surface stains, but also the stains found deep inside the teeth. Your teeth get whiter faster, and stay whiter longer with little to no tooth sensitivity. Using the same whitening light as dentists and powerful yet gentle hydrogen peroxide gels, the cold blue light accelerates the teeth whitening process to deliver results of 2-8 shades whiter teeth.
The results are impressive!

  • Safe, fast, effective!
  • 2 -8 shades whiter teeth
  • No Down Time, Pain, Mess.
  • Whitens Hard-to-Reach Areas.
  • No Harmful UV Rays or Heat.
  • 1/3 the cost of other teeth whitening solutions.
 $149.00 Per Treatment