Why Do We Use Dermalogica?
   Because, it’s simply the best! Dermalogica products are made by
skin therapists for use by skin therapists with their clients.
By using Dermalogica’s patented Face Mapping skin analysis, your 
Dermalogica professional skin therapist can understand your skin
zone by zone and make recommendations for a regimen designed 
especially for you. Dermalogica skin care professionals are educated
and trained to focus on one thing: Skin Health Fitness. 
Dermalogica is only sold through authorized skin treatment centers 
that have gone through extensive training to ensure that you receive 
the guidance you need from a trained skin professional.

 Glycolic Peel

   A superficial peeling agent derived from sugar cane.
   It is considered the most effective and beneficial of the Alpha Hydroxy Acids. The gel works beneath
the skin to stimulate collagen reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Generally very
little peeling occurs. Skin tone and texture improve. Effective in treating many skin disorders.



Microzone Treatment

  The Dermalogica MicroZone Treatments target a specific facial concern. 
Each Microzone gives your esthetician the time to really work on the treatment of choice & achieve great results. 
Microzones allow people with busy schedules or a specific targeted problem to get the benefits of a facial without 
spending a lot of time or money.
  There are 5 microzone treatments to choose from:
  • Flash Exfoliation
  • Eye Rescue
  • Breakout Relief
  • Age Repair
  • Moisture Boost.
   25 mins - $40.00